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The faerie woodland is quiet and still… that is until the Nightjar Carnival rolls into town! For one night only shadow & light must dance & dine together! Embrace adventure, give in to desires, and follow your curiosity to a mystical evening of absurdity!


Come join the carnival as we succumb to the...





















Saturday 13th July

7pm – 2am

Babylon Nurseries, Cuxham, Oxfordshire, OX49 5ND.


Dress Code:

Black/Red/White circus/carnival style...

Nature’s colours: blues, greens, flowing fairie gowns…

A mask is essential!



House of the Mercurial Moon is an independent initiative providing pop up surrealistic experiences through immersive dining, theatre, music and art.


Immerse yourself in an evening of theatre, contemporary dance and a sensory dining experience hosted by Native Feasts, set in a mystical landscape of meadow, woodlands and orchards.


Prepare to lose yourself in an evening of surrealism and creativity as you immerse yourselves into the Eclipse of the Night Jar.. a meeting of two worlds of light and dark, which side will you choose?


Don’t forget to bring a mask to hide behind as you watch the tale unfold and become part of the story…


Food service begins at 8pm recommended arrival time 7pm.